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You are the movement and have to:


At the individual level:

1. Promote individual and collective consciousness to the general population; 

2. Organize yourself and your neighbors (community) at the local level through inspiring initiatives (associations, organizations, community level groups...);

3. Read books related to empathy; 


At Globaction level:

1. Initiate an international call to artists for an artistic renaissance (done in Paris in November 2019-Adana Mam-Legros) 

2. Write a holistic chart/constitution

3. Implement the constitution at the global level

And finally 

4. Implement the recommendations at the global level



GlobAction aims to build a new global civilization based on scientific facts. On the local level, we aim to help individuals build empathic, ethical, respectful, and responsible societies.


To promote ideas, projects, and solutions for a new civilization. 

Utilize scientific fact in all levels of decision making

• Integrate glocal application of proposed solutions

• Promote empathic societies (sensitization to individual and collective consciousness)

• Integrate ethics and a sense of social responsibility at all levels of political decision making


At the individual level:

• Promote individual transformation to create more empathic societies (we aim to decrease egotistical behaviors)

• Create a new environment to increase understanding of consciousness with the support of neurosciences discoveries. 

• Promote education to pave the way for responsible citizenship (we aim to increase critical thinking and proactive involvement in politics).

• Promote sensitization 


At (communities) or group level:

• Promote solutions for an alternative way of living, by intergrating  the limits of our planet

• Promote social organization at the local level (cf. Convivialisme movement, and other alternatives initiatives)

• Decrease consumerism

• Decrease competition (individual and collective)


At global level:

Promote a civilization that balances the wellbeing of the population with the limits of our earth (Manage the flux of...) 

• Ban lies in political strata

• Ban fake news

• Promote “real” journalism 

• Promote better and free education with a focus on supporting “real” citizenship

• Fight against financial inequity and for ethics in financial arena 

• Strive for gender equity 

• Support appropriate and harmonious geopolitical exchange



Adana Mam Legros

Artist - Activist
Co-founder and President of GlobAction

Adana Mam-Legros, inspired from a young age by her parent's activism, joined the Globaction fight after battling cancer. Deeply impacted by the experience of envisioning of her own death, she has dedicated herself to awakening the human consciousness. She primarily expresses her call to action through art. Producing exhibitions around the world, she sensitized and voice out Globaction’s vision. 

Pierre Legros

Specialist in Development

Co-founder fo GlobAction

Trained as a scientist and experienced in “social development” and entrepreneurship, Pierre Legros observes human evolution with unparalleled insight. Driven by a wave of indignation and a desire to revolt, he decided to become actively involved in shaping the future of the global community.

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