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GlobAction innovative points and action are related to: (i) global action and strategy; (ii) long term vision (100 years and more); (iii) scientifically proved facts strategies/action; (iv) based on consciousness and ethics; (v) “glocal” implementation; (vi) new paradigm.


The first objective is to discuss, (re)define/(re)design vision, mission of our civilization in his whole and on a long range. In the same time a global plan of action will be design and proposed to a wise group for acceptation. 

To achieve that objective, Cambodia will host a unique international conference/think tank on “the vision and mission of the future of our planet”. The think tank will be composed of 4 different groups having specific inputs. All member will be selected internationally for their competences, works in their specific field of action. (see logframe).


The second objective is the creation of an international movement base on the experts propositions with support of international Artistic community. (Creation of New Artistic Renaissance). 

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