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Initiate a global Movement striving for a new civilization framed by a holistic charter.

Either we control our evolution harmoniously and with consciousness NOW or evolution will compromise us ” 

Adana Mam Legros-2019

Exposition d'art

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GlobAction was created in 2019 after observing basic global conditions as such as:


• Our natural resources are decreasingand limited;

• Geopolitical strategies are becoming increasingly aggressive;

• Our energy system/civilization is reaching limits;  

• Our financial/economic system is showing irreversible cracks;

• Our environment is increasingly polluted and unable to sustain life (vegetal and animal);

• Our political systems are under pressureand no longer able to sustain harmonious societies;

• Our global civilization lacks resilience and is filled with malintent.    



• Our global system is cracking with irreversible changes impacting all life on earth; 

• Politicians are not doing enough to tackle these issues/problems:

• Population at global level is manipulated and driven in no future zone (1984 G. Orwell);

• Intellectual and financial corruption is pandemic;  

• No real action or reflection is taking place at a global level



• Think long term;

• Think global and implement local = Glocal;

• Think and act differently; 

• Adopt a holistic approach to our evolution;

• Adopt scientific solutions.

YOU citizen of the world... 

An increasing number of people around the world are becoming less confident in the future for previously cited reasons. Changes are needed, both on the individual level, and by acting together with a common sense and values.

Globaction is a global movement open to anyone who feels concerned about our future and about human evolution at large.  


It is time to act globally with ethics and responsibility. GlobAction propose to define, design and implement a new socio-political paradigm. Primarily based on individual and collective consciousness levels (empathic society), the movement gives voice to the scientifics world. 


The movement’s main objective is to make Homo sapiens responsible for and in charge of their own symbiotic evolution with the earth.


1. Create a worldwide pluridisciplinary group of scientists, intellectuals, artists, philosophers to: 

• Compose a comprehensive Human history emphasizing important phases in Homo sapiens’ evolution;

• Assess Homo sapiens’ current situation, taking in account the said “anthropocene”;

• Design (and propose to the movement) different figures of Homo sapiens long term evolution, including causes and consequences of different paths.  


2. Propose evolutionary path, encompassing holistic and long term strategies;


3. Write a holistic Glocal Chart/Constitution;

4. Submit to a wise group for adoption/verification;

5. Start global movement (based on chart/constitution) supported by artists.     

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